The Benefits of Using a Cleansing Brush

Washing your face is critical for preventing unwanted issues like acne and premature aging. But is using your hands enough for an effective cleanse?

update your skincare routine by including a cleansing device

One of the main reasons for poor skin comes from not cleansing properly. And while using your hands may be the fastest and most convenient way to do so, it may not be quite as effective as adding an additional device to your skincare routine. Over the past several years, we've seen multiple cleansing devices and brushes on the market and this hype is not just a fad. In fact, there are multiple benefits to using a cleansing device.

Below, we have gathered three major skin benefits that you may want to keep in mind when considering purchasing a cleansing device.

  • Clearer, smoother skin - A cleansing device removes accumulated dirt, makeup, and sebum in a much more effective way that your fingers.
  • Improvement in skin texture - By promoting blood circulation, your cleansing device increases the blood flow underneath the skin's layers. The device helps fade blemish marks and smoothen the complexion, and while you could accomplish this by using a face bead exfoliator, the results that you get from a cleansing device are going to last a lot longer. 
  • Skin tightening - Once again, with your blood flow increased, you will notice a reduction of fine lines and restoration of your natural glow.

cleansing your face properly results in clearer brighter complexion

The two main types of cleansing devices that we've seen on the market are the (1) removable brush head device and the (2) silicone sonic devices, and anyone can benefit from one of these depending on their skin type and concern.

While we would always recommend seeing your dermatologist before making such an important decision for your routine, if your skin is more on the sensitive, damaged, and thinner side, we recommend using a gentle silicone sonic cleansing device. Even though many brush cleansing devices do come with sensitive brush head options, you could start with a silicone sonic device until your skin adapts to the method and slowly introduce a brush cleansing device with a sensitive brush head. 

Still, according to some dermatologists your skin may break out or flare during the first 2 weeks of using your device and that is completely normal. What is happening is the dead skin cells that have accumulated are blocking your pores and you may experience the so called "purging" period. Once your skin gets used to it, you'll be less likely to break out. What is even more enticing is that, as we mentioned earlier, cleansing devices help with quicker exfoliation, thus leading to more collagen production, which ultimately leads to tighter skin. However, keep in mind that over-exfoliation is never a good thing, since you want to protect your skin's natural barrier, which may lead to much unwanted breakouts. 

update your skincare routine by adding a cleansing device

In conclusion, our advice for you would be to easily introduce the device of your choice into your skincare routine by using it once or twice a week and gradually increasing the frequency. 

And remember, regardless which way you decide to go for your facial cleansing, never forget to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher whenever you go out in the sun. Sunscreen is the most important anti-aging step in your everyday skincare routine.


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